In effort to promote emerging writers of poetry…

Penhall Publishing has started publishing themed anthologies of poetry and artwork. When James Barrett Rodehaver joined our team, he brought his dream of an anthology of poetry allowing survivors of traumatic events a forum to tell their stories and inspire hope. Along with Lilly Penhall, these two teamed up to bring this project to life, and after almost two years, Not Dead Yet: An Anthology of Survivor Poetry is now available on Amazon!
We are now accepting submissions to our next anthology, The Route of All Evil: Poetry About Vices, from now until December 30, 2014. Click the banner below for information about submitting your poetry and/or artwork to our next publication!

Stay tuned for more upcoming anthologies from Penhall Publishing!

Possible themes for future poetry collections include:

- Divine Unions: Exploring the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine
- Heat: Erotic Poetry
- Transit: Poetry About Travel
- Suggest an idea! Contact us with a theme for an anthology and if we choose to use it, you can write the foreword for the book.

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