Publishing Internship Opportunity with Penhall Publishing

Publishing Internship Opportunity Available!

Penhall Publishing is looking for a publishing intern to help with the high workload that we have recently taken on! With another anthology ready to compile and a new writing contest on the horizon, we are in need of students and/or emerging writers who want experience working in publishing to help with any or all […]

Write or Die Promo

Write or Die Writing Contest

In effort to promote new and emerging authors, Penhall Publishing is holding a writing contest, Write or Die. We are looking to publish full-length manuscripts by authors who are previously unpublished. There is no theme for this writing contest, but we do have some guidelines about what kind of books we want to publish. Author […]

Not Dead Yet: An Anthology of Survivor Poetry

Not Dead Yet is Available on Amazon!

Our newest publication, Not Dead Yet: An Anthology of Survivor Poetry, is now available for purchase on! This project was originally conceived in 2011 by poets James Barrett Rodehaver and Todd “Grendel” Pack as a forum for those who have struggled through difficulties in life to have a forum to tell their stories. After James’s […]

Not Dead Yet is Alive!

Not Dead Yet is Alive!

UPDATE: IT’S ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! Not Dead Yet: An Anthology of Survivor Poetry has experienced some behind-the-scenes last minute derailing but we are still continuing this project, it is just going to take a little more time and work to get back on track. So don’t you worry, survivors! Fortunately some very talented and awesomely cool poets […]