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Vicki Smart Penhall

is truly an engaging and readable author of short fiction novels. As a performing artist, she is an actor, comedian, director and a Texas singer/songwriter. She hails from Houston; was mostly educated at Texas Tech University, and holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Texas A&M University. As an educator, she has taught high school and college writing and theater, and regularly serves as an adjudicator for UIL academic and theater competitions.

RT Shoemake,

who also writes and performs under the name Bobby Charles, is a musician, songwriter and novelist from Dallas, Texas. He is a well-known figure on the music scene from Nashville to Dallas, who has published numerous lyrics and now has stretched his chops to include the mystery/romance novel.

Lilly Penhall’s

first poem was published at age 8 and she started writing for stage and screen shortly thereafter. After earning a bachelor’s degree in creative writing in 2003, she quit writing for several years before being led to the open mic scene in Dallas, Texas, which reignited her love of words. Lilly has been published in The Dallas Morning News, Forces Literary Magazine (Collin College), Beatest State of the Union (Slough Press), Every Reason ‘Zine, Kleft Jaw, madswirl.com, and was featured on the Live @ Lost Art Open Mic CD (PAO Productions), in addition to publishing her own poetry collection, O, a collaboration with photographer Rosie Lindsey, and co-editing Let It Bleed femme zine. Through her family’s company Penhall Publishing and her own Interstellar Graphics, she has found her calling in book design and publishing. In 2012, she relocated to beautiful San Diego, California, where she works from home as a book designer so she can take care of her new baby.

Rosie Lindsey,

a breast cancer survivor, is a native born Texan that spent family vacations exploring the back roads of the southwest. She grew up in the days of drive-in movies and restaurants, freak shows at the state fair and neon advertising, experiences which have shaped her art. She’s interested in the ghosts of the past and travel with an eye for capturing people and landscapes that will soon disappear. Current projects include Back Roads of Texas, Big Momma and Cancer Stick.

James Barrett Rodehaver,

also known as “Bear,” to those who know him, is a happily married 31-year old poet, author, and editor living with his husband in Dallas, Texas. A native of Alabama, He is a survivor of many things, ranging from health problems that required up to six different surgeries to an abusive and tumultuous childhood growing up. James has written poetry since he was seven years old, and his indomitable spirit shows through in his poetry, and touches many lives. James frequents the Dallas open mic scene, most notably Mad Swirl, a popular monthly open mic hosted by Chicago native Johnny Olson. He has written a book of poetry called Strangely Wonderful, published by Penhall Publishing, who now uses his services as an editor. James has a true passion about books, poetry, and helping make people’s literary dreams come true.

Trier Ward

is a mother, poet, and environmental scientist. She lives in Pensacola, Florida and performs on stage at many open mics in the area. Her poetry appears in Rolling Thunder, The Nervous Breakdown, Bohemia, and she is a contributing poet to Mad Swirl. She promotes the spoken and written word, publishes prolifically to a small audience on Facebook, and lives an otherwise private life focused on her children, art, wildlife, and music.

Lori Lasseter Hamilton

has competed in poetry slams in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama since 1996 and in the Montevallo, Alabama poetry slam since 2003. In 1998, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from UAB and was a freelance writer for Birmingham Weekly from 2011 to 2012. In 1996, she performed her poetry at Birmingham’s City Stages Spoken Word Festival and was almost arrested for using profanity in a poem. Her poetry has been published in Alternative Harmonies, Fester, Staplegun Press, Birmingham Weekly, Women Unified in Consciousness, Gabriel Gadfly, and in Not Dead Yet: An Anthology of Survivor Poetry, published by Penhall Publishing. Lori is a breast cancer and rape survivor, and her first chapbook of poetry, “live, from the emergency room”, published by New Dawn Unlimited in 2008, chronicles the aftermath of rape. She is married to Robert Hamilton.

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