Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 1: The Ghost of City Tavern


By Vicki Smart Penhall

While exploring the haunted Dallas nightclub, City Tavern, for paranormal events around the ghost of Jack Ruby, Jenna Glynn, a photojournalist, is filming a documentary to compete with the Biography Channel’s “Celebrity Ghost Stories.”

She inadvertently becomes involved with the 90s rock idol, Gash Peavy, an aging rock star famous for his power ballads who is attempting a comeback on the Texas Music scene. He chances to party in Downtown Dallas, Texas, at City Tavern, a building once owned by the mobster who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK’s assassin.

The Ghost of City Tavern is a fact-based fiction short story, which uses the real haunting events and the historical atmosphere of John F. Kennedy’s assassination as a foundation for the first in a series of riveting ghost stories.

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Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 1: The Ghost of City Tavern

By Vicki Smart Penhall

Young wealthy socialite Jenna Glynn and her crew are setting up to film an episode of a new documentary series, which she hopes will compete with the Biography Channel’s Celebrity Ghost Stories. The venue for this night is the City Tavern in downtown Dallas. The building was once owned, and is now haunted by Jack Ruby, the mobster who murdered JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

She discovers the disgustingly drunken Gash Peavy passed out in the restroom after the bar closes. He is a burned-out 90’s rock star, famous for his power ballads, who is now attempting a comeback in the Texas Music scene. He and Jenna inadvertently become entangled in a ghostly encounter that includes both channeling and violent telekenesis, and which has them both in fear for their lives and their sanity.

This paranormal experience forges a reluctant partnership between Jenna and Gash, and each makes plans to ruthlessly use the other in their voracious quest for fame and fortune. The Ghost of City Tavern is a fact-based fictional story of a present-day haunting, which is told in a setting of the historical events surrounding John F. Kennedy s assassination.

The First Book in a Series of Six Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories! 

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