Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 2: The Spirit of the Old Hotel


The second in the series of Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories, Jenna and Gash Peavy team up again to discover what’s haunting the historic Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas.

Still shaky from a stint in rehab and the terrifying experience of channeling Jack Ruby’s ghost at City Tavern, Gash is reluctant to get involved in any more Biography Channel madness.

But Bio has made it clear to Jenna that it’s no Gash, no go. Jenna manages to convince Gash that this could be advantageous to restarting his songwriting and musical career.

Constant bickering and heightened sexual tension can’t stop these two ambitious teammates from discovering the shocking truth behind the strange noises coming from the 19th floor ballroom of the Adolphus: a jilted bride hanging from the pipes and Glenn Miller’s orchestra providing the soundtrack to a Nazi conspiracy and murder.

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Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 2: The Spirit of the Old Hotel

In the second book of the series, The Spirit of The Old Hotel, Jenna and Gash Peavy dubiously team up again to investigate the notorious haunting of the historic Adolphus Hotel in downtown Dallas.

After twenty-eight days in an exclusive Dallas rehab clinic, Gash moves into a private apartment on the Glynn family’s beautiful Highland Park estate. Jenna has personally refurnished and redecorated, and has lovingly staged his cherished guitars in his new place, hoping that the former rock legend will become creatively inspired toward restarting his musical career.

Predictably, Gash adamantly refuses to get involved in the new episode of the celebrity ghosthunter TV show that Jenna has been contracted to create. But Biography Channel execs are demanding his participation, and expecting to exploit his past rockstar notoriety to promote the series. Jenna finally manages to persuade Gash that his resurgent career could benefit from the anticipated media buzz. Then they receive shocking news that his rehab roommate was found dead, just hours after warning Gash to stay away from the old section of the Adolphus Hotel.

The production crew endures their constant bickering and sexual tension, in addition to mysterious equipment malfunctions, while scrambling to meet their new deadline. Suddenly the pair is overwhelmed by paranormal forces and phantom entities. They are confronted with the horrifying truth behind the strange noises coming from the old 19th floor ballroom: a jilted bride hanging from clanging pipes had appeared to be a suicide in 1938. With Glenn Miller’s big band music providing the soundtrack, they witness sinister scenes of a Nazi conspiracy and her vicious murder. “Tuxedo Junction” plays in a loop while the ghostly faces of Holocaust victims terrorize the duo, who desperately struggle to escape with their lives and their sanity.

Second in the series of Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories!

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