Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 4: The Haunting of the Hall


In this fourth in the series of Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories, Gash finds himself on the outside looking in again because of the secrets they kept from one another at White Rock Lake. Just as in her initial filming at Dallas’ City Tavern when the ghost of Jack Ruby almost ended her Bio Channel series before it began, Jenna is once again trying to prove she doesn’t need Gash Peavy or his ghost-channeling skills. She just needs to convince the network boys that she can fly solo, but they are taken by Peavy’s rock-idol glam and insist on his participation.

She had tricked him into investigating the ghost at the famed Adolphus Hotel, and now that seemed to come back to haunt her as well. All relationship and career concerns dissolve when they confront the three ghosts who become possessed by historic German folk-hero Hermann, his enslaved wife Thusnelda, along with a pitifully crying infant in Dallas’ oldest fraternal meeting place and venue, The Sons of Hermann Hall.

A new ghost arrives to give Gash the guitar ride of his life—Rusty Wier— and something happens between Gash and Jenna that will change everything.

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Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 4: The Haunting of the Hall

By Vicki Smart Penhall

The Sons of Hermann Hall, the nation’s oldest beneficent fraternity, is celebrating its Centennial year in Dallas with staged events of famous living musicians who have traced their beginnings to the popular Dallas night club. However, the not-so-living guests of the Hall have planned events of their own.

This is just what Jenna Glynn hopes to capture for her spec TV series, Celebrities Haunt Dallas. This time, she plans to ghost-hunt without her reluctant and difficult sidekick, Gash Peavy, who is now desperate to be included in the series. Gash needs the payday from the interested network to further his own career goals.

Prevailing winds in Deep Elum and overpowering spirits in the Hall have their own urgent agendas from beyond, and use the channeling ability of Gash Peavy and the psychic persistence of Jenna Glynn to teach potent lessons of their own, if anyone will listen, believe, and act. The strength of ancient spirits and the vulnerability of the duo make for a spine-tingling collision of worlds. A pair of ghosts, a woman with a crying infant, uses Jenna to find their famous husband and father, Hermann himself. Another recently-departed spirit, Texas great Rusty Weir, takes Gash on the guitar ride of his life—a ride that delves into his painful past and illuminates his brilliant future.

Inevitably, this experience causes Gash and Jenna to confront one another about the issues that have haunted their relationship since they first met at Dallas’ City Tavern.

Fourth in the series of Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories!

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