Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 5: The Dinner Ghosts


By Vicki Smart Penhall

At Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar on Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas, the visions are not likely to go away in one of the most actively haunted locations on the Dallas landscape.

Gash and Jenna are trapped inside the gorgeously appointed and popular grill with a twitchy cameraman to confront the spirits of a man, a woman, and numerous children.The mischievous young spirits were once buried beneath the long-standing bar and the Granada Theater next door in a dedicated children’s cemetery around the turn of the twentieth century.

Speaking with spirits and channeling ghosts carry a tremendous responsibility to those disembodied souls to whom Gash, the musician, and Jenna, the journalist, reach out. No one realizes this more than they do as they use music and psychology to wrestle the destructive specters out of the mind and body of their young crew member. The emotional impact of the events inside Snuffer’s sends Gash into a swan dive off the wagon.

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Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 5: The Dinner Ghosts, The Haunting of Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar

By Vicki Smart Penhall

Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories is a series of short, fact-based fiction novels. Young aspiring filmmaker Jenna encounters an alcoholic former rockstar, who becomes unwittingly entangled in her first ghost-hunter documentary. This sparks a reluctant and often adversarial alliance, which continually propels them into adventures where present-day hauntings occur in the setting of historical Dallas events.

Maybe channeling ghosts is beginning to take its toll on recovering substance abuser Gash Peavy, especially after the painful visions he experienced as a diffident companion with Jenna Glynn at the Sons of Hermann Hall. Before that, the former rock star had been making a genuine effort, but now he seems in danger of losing his determination. But Jenna desperately needs him to be strong, and help create that one golden episode for her new television series, Celebrities Haunt Dallas.

However, his nightmares are not likely to recede in one of Dallas’s most actively haunted locations, Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar on Lower Greenville Avenue. Gash and Jenna are locked inside the gorgeously appointed and popular grill with a twitchy cameraman, hoping to film the ghosts of a man and a woman who died in that building years ago. The spooky specters manifest themselves almost immediately.

Then the ghost hunters discover numerous children that were once buried in a dedicated children’s cemetery, which was paved over around the turn of the twentieth century. Later, businesses were built, including the historic Granada Theater. That very ground is where Snuffer’s stands today.

Interacting with spirits carries a tremendous responsibility. Channeling ghosts is traumatic to both the person and to the disembodied souls. When Gash and Jenna reach out to help release the children from their spirit prison, their adversary violently takes possession of the young cameraman!

The terrifying events have them all in fear for their safety and sanity. This supernatural encounter immediately propels Gash into a swan dive off “the wagon”.

Fifth in the Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Series!

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