Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 6: The Revelation of the Sage


The Red River Valley, and specifically Carpenter’s Bluff, is a repository of spirits from the Old West. The tragic souls of the Cherokee Nation from the infamous Trail of Tears, as well as vicious outlaws who avoided capture by hiding on reservation land, confront the ghost-hunting duo Jenna Glynn and Gash Peavy.

But the former rock star is in no shape to confront any more angry spirits as he recovers from his past addictions. He and the Glynn family limo driver, Joey, take the motor home to the Red River to camp and to clear their heads. But Jenna needs to prevent Peavy’s fall from the wagon, so she stows away.

They interact with an old Cherokee sage, and witness the great day of reckoning spoken of by the ancient tribes. What the ghost-hunters learn about the wrongs of the past, and about themselves and their relationship, will certainly change their lives.

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Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Book 6: The Revelation of the Sage

Thirty year-old Jenna Glynn and forty-five year-old Clarence “Gash” Peavy have been in emotional combat since they first met at Dallas’ historically haunted bar, City Tavern. As an ambitious investigative journalist, Jenna expected that her spec TV series, Celebrities Haunt Dallas, would be a solo enterprise. But Gash unintentionally crashed her project with his goth-rockstar good looks, as well as his previously untapped supernatural connection.

After five terrifying episodes, Peavy, a recovering substance abuser, is now desperate to get away from his contractual obligations with the network, from the stress and confinement of living on the Glynn estate, from his follow-up psychotherapy with Jenna’s father, and most of all, from Jenna herself.

Gash persuades Joey, the family’s limo driver, to borrow Angus’ motor home to escape for a restful retreat along the Red River border between Texas and Oklahoma. The last thing that the once-famous musician needs is another paranormal encounter, even if it is just the old Sage with all of his spiritual wisdom.

Jenna’s intrusion on the trip completely destroys his hope for relaxation. Then they suddenly find themselves surrounded by the malevolent spirits of some of America’s most wicked and notorious outlaws, who once flourished in Indian Territory just across the Red River from Carpenter’s Bluff Bridge. The vicious apparitions have a grievance, and they call upon the forces of nature to help settle the score. This evil outburst incites the righteous wrath of the ancient Cherokee Nation from beyond the grave.

The conflict between the two reluctant partners comes to a full rolling boil. The truths that are revealed around the raging campfire, along with the sudden violent thunderstorm, may decide their mutual destiny. They must summon all of their courage if they hope to survive The Revelation of the Sage.

The sixth book in the Jenna Glynn Ghost Stories Series!

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