sawdust, soap, soil & stars


This collection of eight poems by Lori Lasseter Hamilton explores the hypocrisy in organized religion and describes growing up in the Southern Baptist church, being raised to believe that appearance and image are everything, being raised to believe that how you appear to others, especially in church on Sunday morning, is of the utmost importance. The author relates how being raised this way had a negative effect on her belief system and hindered her from having a real relationship with Jesus for most of her childhood and adolescent years, yet in spite of the harmful effects of her family upbringing, she still continues to hope and believe in Jesus. She relates how the rituals of organized religion and how her family’s misleading emphasis on the superficial things of this world, such as image and appearances, even had an effect on how she viewed herself while going through cancer, but in the end her belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ gives her hope.

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